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Into the Deep – Why i really joint the French Foreign Legion, (the hidden reason inside me)

The French Foreign Legion Teacher: If you want to join the Legion, this video is a MUST SEE !!!
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How to join the


The military bugle wake up call

The Ballad of the Green Berets

Why I joined the French Foreign Legion


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Picture beneath: Me with the Navy SEAL Team 4 in Roosevelt Roads (Puerto Rico) in 1986.

Avec le Navy Seal Team 4 in Puerto Rico

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French Foreign Legion in plain terms

What should I know before I join the French Foreign Legion?

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Learning French in the French Foreign Legion.

Stunning French Foreign Legion 

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This website aims to give information about the French Foreign Legion. The author – Thomas Gast – knows what he’s talking about. He spent seventeen years in the French Foreign Legion.

Three reasons to serve in the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment (2. REP).


French Foreign Legion – My adventures in French Guiana – Part 7 – CAMOPI PASSION (… or what Paulo Coelho links to the French Foreign Legion).

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My adventures in French Guiana – Part 1

Thomas Gast talks about his time in the French Foreign Legion in French Guiana


How to join the French Foreign Legion. Entry requirements and conditions to engage Part 1

Let’s take a look on his profile.

Thomas Gast joined the French Foreign Legion in 1985. He engaged the mysterious, romantic and deadly Légion étrangère in Strasbourg, the capital and largest city of the Grand Est region of France. When he went through the old wooden front door to enter in the ´Poste d’Information de la Légion Étrangère` (the Foreign Legions information- and recruiting desk) he did not know that he should stay for such a long time.

After spending seventeen weeks in the boot camp in Castelnaudary – basic training farms in the 4th Foreign Infantry Regiment – his  romantic lifetime adventure started with a real ´Paukenschlag.`

How to join the French Foreign Legion. Entry requirements and conditions to engage Part 2

The legions headquarter in Aubagne – the COM. LE, the Foreign Legion Command – sent him for two years to Kourou (French Guiana) to join the 3rd REI (in Quartier Forget), and from there to the Jungle Warfare Center (Centre d’ Entrainement à la Forêt Equatoriale (CEFE Camp Szuts) in Regina.

The 3e Régiment étranger d’infanterie is considered to be the most decorated infantry regiment in France. Specialized in very efficiently jungle warfare, the legionnaires faces multiple challenges. The enemy? Illegal gold miners – faced during the ´Opération Harpie`. It’s a matter of fact that gangs of these miners (garimpeiros) frequently attack legionnaires and men from the special police – the gendarmerie.

But there are also snakes, mosquitos, scorpions and diseases out there you’ve never heard of.

How to join the French Foreign Legion. Entry requirements and conditions to engage Part 3

The protection of the European Space shuttle ARIANE (Opération Titan) is one of their primary missions, but the legionnaires prefer the other part of their mission: Marching deeper in the jungle, conducting routine patrols, searching the seven landmarks materializing the border between French Guiana and Brazil.

After this period Thomas Gast joined the Paratroopers of the French Foreign Legion the famous 2. REP (2éme Régiment Étranger des Parachutistes) based in Corsica. The 2. REP is well known for its heroic combats in Indochina (Vietnam) from 1948 to 1954 with the major battle of Đien Bien Phu in May 1954, and for its famous intervention in Kolwesi (Shaba / Zaire) in 1978 during a highly professional and very efficiently Airborne intervention (Operation Léopard) as they delivered thousands of Europeans from the Katanga Rebels.

What is it like to be a Legionnaire?

Fifteen years through Thomas Gast followed the infernal rhythm of the 2. REP, 15 years fulfilled with stunning and breath-taking operations mainly in Africa.

He followed survival trainings in the deserts of Chad, in Djibouti and in the Gabon tropical forest and was part of the security operations in Paris in the Metro-Stations (after the deadly terrorist attacks in 1995).

But more than this: Gast participated in Interventions in – Bosnia and Herzegovina (UNPFOR Sarajevo 1992/93), in Chad (Operation Épervier 1991), in Djibouti (Operation Iskoutir), in Congo (as platoon leader during the Operation Pelican, 1997), in Central African Republic (Operation Almandin 1997). With his platoon he also protected civilians in wildlife protectorates (´La Gounda or Koumbala`) against poachers in the border Region to Chad, to name only a few.

Thomas Gast is making meaningful small talk about the French Foreign Legion

Finish his time in the first company (he was platoon leader from 1996 to 1998) he was ordered to the regiments Headquarter CCS/BOI as Maître de Tir- Shooting Master, responsible for all shooting instructions, for the shooting simulation and all shooting ranges and ammunition.

Gast left the legion in 2002

After the legion he worked for a period of 15 years in the international security business  – mainly with British and French private security companies – in Saudi Arabia, Haiti, Israel (Jerusalem, West bank / Gaza) and Yemen, but he also worked as a Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP) for two prestigious Private Maritime Security Companies.

un des 7 bornes matérialisant la frontière terrestre au sud de la Guyane avec le Brésil.

… landmarks materializing the border between French Guiana and Brazil.


In 2010 Gast became author.

Numberless books have been written about the ´Légion étrangère`. Some authors are deserters. Some are historians. Few of them have been active legionnaires (or – only for a very short time.).

Hard to find are the books written by insiders like Thomas Gast. Also it’s not easy to find men having spent almost 20 years in the Legion. Even among these men, only a select few can write a good story.

Thomas Gast can!

3e CIE du 3e REI - 1985

3. REI – KOUROU – 3. CIE

But – His Books, written from an Insider – but not exclusively for Insiders – are not yet translated in English language!

With his video clips, with his information’s and books he aims to reach all active soldiers, reservists, active and ex- Legionnaires, special unites, policemen, weapon fans or men interested in history. However, it is also an approach towards many readers and people who are showing an interest for the French Foreign Legion. His message?


Leben unter fremder Flagge

Everybody can be strong and courageous. Everybody can do miraculous things if he only wants to do them, things men can be proud of!

Vitae Thomas Gast

Thomas Gast is a German National. Son of an American Soldier based in Germany between 1955 and 1962 and a German Fräulein and ex-Luftwaffenhelferin he was born in May 1961.



Mister Peter Scholl-Latour, one of the worlds most famous journalist, reporter and author (´Der Tod im Reisfeld` – ´Afrikanische Totesklage` and others) gave him the authorization to insert one of his well-known quotations and he was one of the first to review the book ´Leben unter fremder Flagge`.

Thomas is proud that among his best friends there is a certain Dominique Vandenberg (actor in the gangs of New York by Martin Scorsese). Ex -legionnaire Vandenberg served at the same time in the same unit as Thomas Gast. As Dominique released some histories (and photos) he had during his time in the legion he participated involuntary to the book written by Thomas.


VANDENBERG a living legend!

Vandenbergs latest movie were launched by producer ZALMAN KING (†) and the author Thomas Gast is part of it in a very special way.

Director Martin Scorsese about Vandenberg: “Dominique Vandenberg is a modern-day warrior poet whose fight choreography is like a ballet that he mixes with images from a brutal past. A natural talent that was born in blood.”


With the best Regards

Thomas Gast